Presentation subject: If I could choose any AKC purebred breed of dog,
I would choose a ___________________________ And why?

Award for the top two presentations: The Waukesha Kennel Club (WKC) is offering two $500 college scholarships to two Waukesha County 7th grade middle school Students. The scholarships will be granted based on a presentation prepared by the student on the student’s favorite American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized breed.

The scholarships awarded are to be used towards tuition when the student enters the college of their choice – or other dog related field of study preapproved by the WKC.

Presentation requirements: The student may be creative in the form their presentation takes. Some possibilities are a written essay, PowerPoint presentation, video recorded speech, poem, etc. It should express their knowledge of the pure bred dog selected and explain why they have chosen this breed and/or why it is their favorite. The breed selected for the presentation must be a breed recognized for registration by the AKC – no hybrids will be allowed. Failure to follow this guideline will result in the disqualification of the project. The presentation may, or may not, include a brief breed history or personal story, regarding the student’s experience with the breed.

The WKC suggests that the school offer this project as a part of the 7th grade curriculum. If that is not available, please submit with your guidance counselor signature. The WKC will review all the submissions from the Waukesha County middle schools participating in the project and choose the top 10 presentations. These 10 presentations will then be posted to the WKC website and Facebook page for viewing and voting on by the general public.  PLEASE VOTE

The scholarships will be awarded based on 49% of the general public votes and 51% of WKC votes, WKC being the deciding factor. Ballot stuffing, i.e. individuals casting multiple votes is not allowed and may cause a student to be disqualified.

In addition to the $500. college scholarships, the grand prize winners will also will be eligible for $500 towards a trip to the Largest Dog show in America known as the AKC National Dog show which is In Orlando Florida in December of that year. The winning student will get $500 towards a trip to the National dog show in December (funded by WKC and/or private donors), Expenses: All other student expenses are the responsibility of the student’s family. There may be an exception if additional funding or sponsors become available through the WKC.

After airfare, bus, or train tickets have been purchased and presented to WKC a check for the $500 will be released to the winning parties.

The WKC may have publicity and photo arrangements set up at the National dog show. If the winning student accepts the travel money and fails to attend the show and participate he or she may forfeit the scholarship and will have to return the travel money. If the first-place winner is unable, or uninterested in attending the National dog show in Florida, the option will be given to the second-place winner with all other requirements still in effect for that student.

The WKC asks each student to attend the WKC All-breed dog show at the Waukesha Expo Center the last weekend in July and to help in awarding prizes for at least one day of show, and take part in various photo opportunities.

The scholarship portion of the award will be held by the WKC until the student(s) enrolls into a college program at an accredited college of the student’s choosing, or other WKC approved dog related field of study. When these criteria have been met the WKC will pay the scholarship amount to the college or school directly.

At the time of submission, the student and the student’s parent will release the rights to their project to Waukesha Kennel Club to publish it on both our website and Facebook page for voting purposes. In addition, the winning students, along with the student’s parent and teacher, will be required sign a release for various photo opportunities and television interviews, if requested.

Entry Deadline: October 10, 2022

Winners will be notified the 2nd week in November

The National dog show is usually held in mid December.

Any questions contact Jeri El Dissi at

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