I was given the opportunity to go to the American Kennel Club Dog Show because I hadwon it through a scholarship program. I had to demonstrate my knowledge of my favorite purebred dog and why it was my favorite. In my case, I picked the Shih Tzu because it would be the perfect dog for me. I found out I had won when my mom told me to call Jerri El Dissi and gave me her number. I called her up and I was told I won. I was so excited and I couldn’t stop smiling. Since then I had been anticipating my trip to Florida.
After some packing, a tiring flight, and two long drives, I had made it to Florida. The entire time I was so excited to go to the dog show, especially since this was my first one. The next morning, we got ready and made our way to the convention center. My mom and I got a little lost but we found our way and met up with Jerri El Dissi. We got our tickets and went inside. When we got in I was amazed at how large the place was. The first thing we saw was the dog breed booths. Jerri showed us around the place such as the dog diving, the agility competitions, the show rings, and the dog grooming area. I got to meet some of the dogs Jerri
was showing and then my mom and I went off to explore the place. The first thing I went to go see was the dog diving. It was so cool watching the dogs leap off the platform and splash in the water, spraying anyone to close. After watching the best dog divers being awarded we headed over to the meet the breed booths. There were so many breeds with so much history with unique booths to draw us in to learn more. Sadly, there was no Shih Tzu booth but, there were still many dogs that I got learn about. After, the booths we headed over to the agility section. There we saw dogs leaping over poles and moving through obstacles. Some dogs really were very professional and knew what they were doing while others were just there to have fun. Either way, it was fun to see which dog would get the fastest time. We watched the agility competitions and headed over to the show rings. We watched the beagles get showed and I was kind of confused. It was my first time at a dog show and I was still learning how exactly it worked. I watched all the dogs be judged and then the winner was announced. Then, we ate some lunch and we were told to meet at the Shih Tzu show ring. There I was given the opportunity to be interviewed on TV. Iwas nervous at first but it was a really amazing experience. We watched the Shih Tzus get showed and Jerri really helped give me a better understanding of how everything worked. After the dogs were shown I got to take a picture with the best of the breed. We took some pictures all around the convention center. Then, we went back to the dog booths to meet some more dogs.
There were so many dogs to learn about and so much information I had to go back. As we made our way through the alphabetized list of dogs we learned more and more. We made our way to “Z” and that’s when we had to say goodbye to the dog show. Overall, it was a great experience and I really had a great time. I learned a lot from the show and this entire trip.

Thank you Waukesha Kennel Club and everyone who helped me for giving me a lasting memory.




2019 Winner Ashriya Rajesh from Brookfield Wisconsin