A medium-sized, active and athletic herding dog, the Berger Picard was bred toimagebe a working companion, enthusiastically performing its job while also responding well to training. This breed has a shaggy, wiry topcoat with a short, dense undercoat to produce a weatherproof coat that is overall rough to the touch. The Picards coat comes in shades of fawn with or without gray underlay and trim on the ears as well as brindle. Monthly brushing is necessary to prevent matting, with occasional bathing and hand-stripping of the ears to neaten. – Courtesy of AKC

O Denotes Member of Waukesha Kennel Club

Breeder Referral

O Valerie Black
La Vie en Rose
14800 Walters Court
Elm Grove, WI 53122


O Diane Cocos
N4355 S Schoper Road
Jefferson, WI  53549
414.659.1549 (cell)