A few months ago I won the Waukesha Kennel Club essay contest.  I couldn’t believe that my presentation had won. Not only was I awarded $500 for college but also a $500 stipend to attend the AKC National championship in Orlando! I wrote my presentation on the pug. I have one pug, my grandparents have two, my cousins have a pug and one my best friends does too! I adore my pug, she is the highlight of my life, so it was very easy to write an essay about her.  So after counting the weeks, then days, we were off to the dog show. My mom and my friend Lilly joined me and we met Jeri El Dissi at the Orlando convention center. What a spectacle! We went inside and Jeri showed us all around the center. I was shocked! It was huge, filled with hundreds of dogs ranging in size from the smallest chihuahua to the largest great danes! There were the breeds I had never heard of, like the Japanese Chin, which is one of the cutest dogs we had ever seen (besides the pug of course). There were not only cute show dogs, but dogs dock diving, competing in agility and more. So much to see and take in, it was incredible.  Next, we were fortunate to see the pugs compete for best in show. There were over 40 fluffy, soft and adorable pugs all in one area. Some of them had the cutest faces I had ever seen! We watched the pugs be narrowed down to the top dogs. Then they picked the top pug who was named Biggie and I got my picture taken with him! Then we got to see some of the dogs Jeri was showing, including a top beagle named Rosie. We then watched dog diving. They jump off platforms into the water and fetch a toy. Boy, did some of them jump really far! Then came agility, where the dogs were timed as they went through obstacles. After a long day, we finally left the convention center.  We had the most incredible time! I am so thankful to Jeri and Waukesha Kennel club for this award and experience, one that I will never forget.