Donna Schmitt

Donna Schmitt has been teaching group dog training classes for 25 years.  In the 1990’s, she started going to classes with her own dogs and was asked to assist in teaching puppy and obedience classes.  She soon became a lead instructor.  In 2002, she became a certified trainer through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and continues to maintain her credentials with that organization.
Donna works as a field representative/trainer for Paws With A Cause, a nonprofit organization that provides trained assistance dogs for people with disabilities. 
She also instructs dog training classes in obedience, rally, agility, and tricks
Donna’s dogs have earned titles in conformation, obedience, agility, rally, rallyfree, tricks, and stunt dog.  She currently shares her home with two Keeshonden:  Sherlock (9 years) and Watson (7 months). 

Janet Bodin

I have been exhibiting dogs at AKC conformation events since 1976; starting with Rottweilers and moving into my permanent breed, Pembroke Welsh Corgis.  I have finished several dogs in both breeds, as a breeder/owner/handler and have also shown dogs for other people to make up their title.  I have been a member of Waukesha Kennel Club since 1992 and have been serving the club in various positions, most recently, I am finishing up my sixth year as their president.  I also belong to my breed’s parent club, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America and my regional club, the Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club.  I have been teaching handling classes since I joined Waukesha Kennel Club; I thoroughly enjoy helping people bring out the full potential in their show prospect.  I am also an approved A.K.C. Judge for the following breeds:  Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Finnish Lapphunds, Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, Collies, Swedish Valhunds, Australian Shepherds and I am also approved to judge Junior Showmanship (all breeds).  I have handled our dogs to several best in specialty award wins, including national specialty wins and many herding group wins as well as other group placements.  I believe that dogs learn by repetition and reward; making handling classes fun and encouraging the dogs to perform by reward and positive words of reinforcement are essential—dogs like to feel good about a job well done.  A handler and dog who form and establish a bond as a team, will do great things in the ring together—it’s my desire to help our class attendees achieve that goal. 

Jeri El Dissi

I started showing dogs in 1968 and was a top Jr Handler by 1971 getting my first Best in Show in 1975. Since I have won 38 Best in Shows on 12 different breeds .  Best in Specialty and Top 10 dogs in their Breeds I have completed one or more almost every year since.  Although my Handling is only part time my main business was Pet supplies for 30 years. I have been a member of Waukesha Kennel Club since the Early 1970″s and am now Training director, and Vice President of the Club.  I am certified as a CGC and Star instructor, i have handled almost 70 different AKC breeds to points or Championships. I have put on too many to remember Championships and Grand Championships all the way up to Platinum Grand’s on dogs from all over the world. I have put on performance titles on dogs such as CD. CGC, TK. CA. WWPD, and FC,  my life is all about dogs, and I love to help new people enjoy my love.  Come visit us, ask for help,   We are here for you.

Cathy Pollack

I started taking conformation classes in 1985, to show a Rottweiler for a friend.  I then purchased a Rottie, and by 1989 I was showing and breeding Akitas.  Most recently, in 2004, I became involved in showing, breeding and establishing a rare breed, the Finnish Lapphund, in the United States.  Consequently I have been involved in breeding and showing dogs with AKC for 35 years. 
With a Master’s in Education, I enjoy sharing my love of dogs and conformation showing with other like-minded people and get a kick out of watching people become a team with their show dog.  

Kevin Gasper

As a training instructor, I must say that I am always happy to instruct a training class  I started showing dogs when I was 14, through Waukesha Country 4-H dog program, in both junior showmanship and obedience, with my field bred English Springer Spaniels. My parents do not show dogs, so when I kept on begging them to get a show dog they finally caved (When I was 16!). She was a PBGV that was perfect for me. Since then, I have learned from many different breeders on different breeds as well as being a handler’s assistant for Jeri El Dissi for the past 6-7 years. I feel some of my greatest achievements in the conformation ring include multiple supported entries and specialty placements and wins, multiple group placements on different breeds, with a big group win on a field spaniel when I was 18 years old, and getting grand championships and championships on different breeds of dogs. The breed of dog I am big into are Bernese Mountain Dogs, which stumbled upon me in my college years (thank you Mary-Alice). My Bernese Mountain Dog, Wahly has ignited my love of working with dogs from a very young age, and have also reignited my love of having a dog that can do, conformation, draft, tracking and obedience. As an instructor I always feel its important to use your whole heart with your dog at class, and to understand to they are your family, not robots, so always make sure they are having fun. I also feel there are multiple ways to do the same thing, so I can grow with instructing new dogs as well as the owners gaining the confidence with their dog(s).

Hannah Sohnle

I began showing dogs about 5 years ago, I quickly became very active in the dog show world. I mentor under Jeri El Dissi and have learned so much from her. My main breeds are Beagles and Great Pyrenees, but I have worked with dogs from each of the 7 groups. I have many Best Junior Handlers and junior placements from both all breed juniors and specialty junior competitions. I was in the top 10 Beagle Junior Rankings the past 3 years, and the top 5 Great Pyrenees Junior Rankings the past 3 years. I have multiple Owner Handler group placements and 2 owner handler reserve best in shows. I put the GCH on my Beagle and have helped with many majors and points on many other dogs. I love helping people new to the sport and watching how far they can come. I recently graduated with the class of 2020.

Cheryl Fahrer

I’ve been showing my own bearded collies for 32 years. Everything from grooming, training and showing them. Trained 4H kids to show dogs for a few years besides training at Waukesha and have taken a few handler seminars .

Valerie Black

I have only been really involved in purebred dogs since 2005, after I found my breed, Berger Picard. My daughter and I took handling classes through the Waukesha Kennel club after I was persuaded to exhibit my rare breed. The folks I met were so wonderful and encouraging that it gave me the courage to compete. Since then, as a founding member of my AKC parent club I have served on the board (BPCA) since its inception as an officer and am current President . I have exhibited at Royal Canin and every year at Westminster since my breed was accepted and had a wonderful time. I won our firstNational Specialty with a bitch I bred and her daughter, my Millie , was the top bitch in the country in 2018 as well. I have learned from handlers, judges and fellow exhibitors along the way. Waukesha Kennel Club has had such a strong and welcoming membership that when asked to serve on the board I accepted and currently am the club Secretary. I enjoy helping instruct conformation classes and try to pass on tips that others helped me with (and still do!) I am looking forward to our classes starting in September and will help in any way I can.

Annamarie Blawat

I have been showing dogs for 13 years. My breed is Scottish Terriers. I love all breeds large and small. I have multiple champions and grand champion of record. I have worked a lot with my granddaughter in showing scotties and she has gone on to help show other breeds. She also was awarded for being the best junior handler in the country in 2018 in Scottish terriors by the STCA.

Betsey Orman

I’ve been in Pembroke Welsh Corgis for 25+ years, always owner handling my own dogs to their championships as well as group & specialty wins.  As an AKC herding breed judge (Pembrokes, Cardigans, Australian Cattle Dogs, Australian Shepherds, Bearded Collies, Berger Picards, Collies, Finnish Lapphunds and Pumik) I enjoy going over dogs to give them a great ring experience. A confident and happy dog will show off their best assets quickly. Achieving a polished performance will allow judges to award your dog!
I’m a member of Waukesha KC as well as serving on the Board of Directors of my Regional Pembroke Club and my parent Club.
In my opinion, Waukesha KC is one of the best conformation experiences available as they very closely replicate a true show rehearsal. There are tables, ramp and multiple rings available. Waukesha KC has so many experienced breeders, owners and handlers with a wealth of knowledge to share, please join us!


I have not been showing as long as most WKC members but the WKC has shown me everything I know. I have participated in almost all their classes from AKC Star Puppy, Conformation Classes, and Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog. I have become confident in my ability to show and demonstrate these training skills. I own two Cane Corso Mastiffs and am proud to say my first show out we got our first major under our belt. WKC provides excellent training classes and I am ecstatic that I get to be a part of this team.

Martin Koenig

Martin Koenig started attending conformation classes at Waukesha Kennel Club. He currently teaches conformation classes and is a current sitting board member. He currently owns a Cane Corso and a Belgian Malinois.  His dogs hold title in several AKC and IPO. He continues to show his dogs in the conformation ring and competes in several other performance and protection sports. He has most recently competed in AKC obedience, NADD dock diving, and Mondioring. As a trainer he is working towards AKC training credentials and Mondioring decoy certification. He truly believes there should be no segregation in breeds that are representative confirmation dogs and performance/working dogs. Working performance dogs should represent sound confirmation and temperament consistent with breed standard as well as conformation breeding lines should be competent in the tasks historically and contemporarily associated with the breed. He enthusiastically supports novice handlers interested in performance and protection sports.

Paula Spiering

I got into dogs in 1979 when we got our first English Setters which happened to be field type. Our next setters came in 1998 but this time they were bench style. They came with breeder request that they be shown to their championship. In 1999 I was given opportunity to help show them. I was bit by the show bug. I’ve had 5 champions and working on 6th. I did have a 7th trying to finish when she discovered agility. She never wanted to show again. I’ve bred 2 litters of ES. I’ve judged 2 ES sweeps at different ES specialties. I look forward to judging another in 2021. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned while showing my dogs since 1999.

Jennifer Stagg

I had no intention of showing dogs when I attended by first dog show in 1996 with an acquaintance. Little did I know how my life was about to change. She helped me get my first Australian Shepherd in 1997, a retired show dog from California looking for a soft landing. The following year I purchased a second Aussie, a female and bred my first litter in 1999. I kept the pick male puppy out of that litter, which began my love of dog showing. I added a second retired champion in 2001 after meeting the woman who would become my first breed mentor. I attended numerous shows with her, successfully showing both Aussies and Border Collies for her. I purchased a self-assured black tri boy puppy from her in 2001. He would be the dog that changed my life. I showed him to all but one of his wins and he finished quickly, from first point to last was only 9 weeks! He would be the foundation sire of Integrity Australian Shepherds and my first therapy dog. I currently have his daughter who finished her championship out of the bred by classes, as well as 4 of her offspring. I purchased a second dog, a female, who would be the mother of my most winningest dog, GCH Integrity Above All Else. Although I breed infrequently, I have produced and shown multiple group winning and group placing Australian Shepherds since that first litter in 1999. I have also produced dogs that have gone on to obedience, rally, and agility titles as well as 2 service dogs. My proudest breeder/owner/handler moment was when a young female I had just started showing, Integrity’s Honest Pleasure, in her second weekend ever showing, was Best of Breed over 4 specials and finished the day winning the Herding Group! Unfortunately an injury ended her career prematurely, but she’s the most beautiful and loving pet a girl could ask for. Along the way I have also shown many Border Collies, another of my favorite breeds!

Diane Cocos

I am Diane Cocos. I began life surrounded by purebred dogs as my father, Charles Prager was a Professional Dog Handler, and an AKC DOG Judge. Our family were members of Kettle Moraine Kennel Club for 40 years. I currently own 2 Champion Berger Picards and I was the Chief Ring Steward for 2019 Waukesha Dog Show. I am on the Board and a current member of Waukesha Kennel Club. I look forward to meeting you and your dogs and working with you on ring conformation.