Welcome to Waukesha Kennel Club Pee Wee class for our Summer show

July 27, 2019 at noon

This is a new class offered by AKC to inspire young handlers to love and show their dogs. It teaches hard work dedication and sportsmanship and a kindness to animals. We at Waukesha Kennel club encourage our youth to participate and enjoy. The class is limited to 12 children because of time. But if we fill up, we still welcome you to come watch and join our jr handlers. The child, age 5 to 9 and his/her parent/guardian/responsible adult, and the dog. Only one Pee Wee unit is in the ring at a time. This is not a competitive class, but rather a fun, learning experience for the child and the adult. A dog must be at least four months of age to enter the Pee Wee class. Bitches in season will not be allowed to participate. If pre-entered, a dog may be substituted that meets the eligibility requirements as specified by the club. All dogs entered must have the proper lead and collar. A responsible adult must be present with the child both inside and outside the ring. The adult is to maintain control of the dog outside of the ring. Although the word “judge” will be used, this is designed to be a learning and mentoring experience—no Junior will be “judged” but rather will be mentored with the age-appropriate amount of information to help prepare them for what they will be expected to know about AKC regular Junior Showmanship once they reach 9 years of age. Obviously, the older children can absorb more detail than the younger ones. The children will be mentored one child, their adult, and dog in the ring at a time. Each child will receive a participation ribbon.
Check in 20 minutes prior at the Information booth

Then please fill out this form to reserve a space in our class and print out a copy of the release of libilty agreement and bring it with you to the class.

If you have any questions or problems please email me Jewel Calton  Jewelcalston@rocketmail.com